Hello and thank you for being here,

We are Chris and Nicole Rob, your hosts and owners of Fly North Outfitters.

We were establish in 2019 with the purchase of our first outpost Birmingham Lake aka Pipers Post and from then on "we were run-ning".

We were both born and raised in Northwestern Ontario. Growing up both our parents instilled strong work ethic, respect and  to "never give up" into us. We are avid outdoors enthusiast's and can hardly ever find us inside, even on the coldest of days. We enjoy hunting, fishing, ice-fishing, snow machining and everything else in-between.

We are no strangers to the tourism industry, Chris grew up working at a tourist camp that his Uncle and Auntie ran. Chris's Uncle was a big influence and is the reason why he got into bait fishing and became a pilot. He has and still does wear many hats, a bush pilot, minnow man, outpost maintenance man and everything in-between!

Nicole's first job was at a tourist camp cabin cleaning. She has always remained involved in the industry, having various responsibilities from cabin cleaning, serving, maintenance, and anything else in-between. She is currently employed full time as a Registered Nurse at the local clinic in Vermilion Bay.

For us, this has been a dream come true, to own and operate our own outpost camps. We love meeting new people, making connections and developing friendships. With the gracious help and dedication of Chris's parents, close family and friends we have taken every opportunity to upgrade and renovate our cabins to the highest standards. Plus get a bit of fishing done on the side!

We want to show you the reasons why we love and call Northwestern Ontario home by staying with us. Come stay with us and experience the beautiful boreal forest in Northwestern Ontario that we call home.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our website and look forward to hearing from you.

Your hosts,
Chris, Nicole and camp dog Piper